Our Approach

Like any professional artist, we know that great execution comes from practice and experience. The only difference between us and Van Gogh? Our medium is polyvinyl chloride (among other things). We’ve put in the hours, the time, and the knowledge to confidently promise you a finished product that you’ll love. We don’t use a paint brush, but when it comes to the art of roofing, consider us experts.

At FS Roof Systems and Exteriors, our vision is to stand out in the southern Ontario marketplace with a great approach by providing:

  • The fastest emergency response in the market – we’re always there when you need us
  • The highest possible quality flat roof and decking solutions and service
  • Dependable maintenance that prevents emergencies and prolongs the life of your roof
  • Exceptionally professional and personalized customer service
  • Always at a fair and reasonable price

At FS Roof Systems and Exteriors, we want to provide the best solution for you and your roof, whether it’s a maintenance inspection, repair, or replacement. We also work with our customers to implement affordable ongoing maintenance programs that will identity and prevent costly or even catastrophic situations or roof replacements. Much like your car, a flat roof needs regular inspection and the occasional ‘tune up’ to prevent mishaps

Of course, when replacement is unavoidable, we have the breadth of experience, expertise and solutions required that ensures unmatched workmanship and quality.

Whether you’re planning a flat roof or a new construction project or are looking for repairs or replacement of an existing roof, we can help!

Our pledge

What separates us from our competitors are the values we hold individually and together as a company. They are our commitment to our customers, our crew and our community.

Fairness – as an employer and business partner, we will be fair and reasonable and fulfill our promises

Urgency – we will act with immediate attention to address customer emergencies

Safety – we will ensure the safety of our crew and our customers, first and foremost

Knowledge – we will ensure thorough and current expertise in all that we do

Kindness – we are personable, friendly, supportive, respectful, and caring in our actions and community support

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