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All you need to know about Tufdek

Are you wishing you had a better environment to host family and friends now that we are able to again? (Safely, of course!) Tufdek may be the perfect solution. We have had immense interest in Tufdek lately, not only from clients looking to turn their flat roof into a fully-functioning deck or balcony but also people looking for a more durable deck than wood can withstand.

What is Tufdek?

Tufdek is the industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier of waterproof vinyl decking. Applied directly on your flat roof, our team will help you achieve your dream space outdoors with this extremely durable and completely waterproof vinyl. With dozens of colour selections, we will work with you to build the strongest, longest-lasting and most aesthetically pleasing decking surface possible.

Professionally installed by our team, Tufdek is a sheet vinyl product, durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC), that comes on a roll and is adhered effectively, directly to the surface. With very little maintenance or special care required after installation, your deck will be in great shape for up to 20 years. Our team at FS Roof is here to help you administer your Tufdek and transform your outdoors.

Bonus! As noted, Tufdek is great for any weather conditions, so no matter where you are do not let that be a concern. There have been tremendous results for both hot and cold extreme environments.

If you own a commercial or residential building, having a rooftop patio or space gives your employees or tenants somewhere they can go to relax, socialize or watch the sunset. It increases the living space and overall value of your property.

Check out this before & after we recently completed for a client. They have been enjoying their new deck all summer!

Learn more about Tufdek here: https://fsroofsystems.ca/services/tufdek-residential-decking/