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Flat Roofing Maintenance for Property Managers and Owners

Flat Roofing Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

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In order to effectively preserve the integrity of the flat roofing system on your building, regular maintenance is key. Your flat roof should be inspected, at minimum twice a year. Once in the spring, to check for damage caused over the long winter and once in the fall, to ensure that your flat roof is… Read Full Article »

The layers in flat roof construction

What are the Layers in a Flat Roof?

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We get asked a lot to explain the different flat roof layers. The answer that we give is usually fairly generic: It consists of multiple layers from the ceiling to insulation to vapour control layer to insulation to the final top membrane. In this article, we will try to break it down to a more… Read Full Article »

Signs You Need a New Flat Roof

Six Signs You Need a New Flat Roof

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Sometimes it’s obvious; you have more leaks than you can count or there’s just a big gaping hole. If you’ve ruled out the possibility of repairing your flat roof you’re going to have to replace it with a new flat roof. Other times it’s just too subtle, well, not subtle but it happens over such… Read Full Article »

Happy woman with energy bill after adding energy efficient flat roof in Ontario

Tips For Building an Energy Efficient Flat Roof

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With seemingly ever rising heating and cooling costs in Ontario building, incorporating energy efficient flat roof best practices just makes sense. The common question you may ask is: which type of roofs are more energy efficient flat or pitched roofs?  The answer may surprise you: flat roofs take the cake most of the time. When… Read Full Article »