FS Advantage Flat Roof Maintenance Membership Program

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Add years to the life of your flat roof.

Much like your automobile or your health, regular check-ups are important with a flat roof. Maintenance plays a critical role in making your roof last as long as it possibly can. A good flat roof maintenance plan will identify problems before they become expensive concerns. Through regular inspection and attention, we can prevent leaks, blistering and a whole host of problems that would need repairing or eventually lead to replacement sooner than you need to.

The FS Advantage Maintenance Membership comes with comfort, savings and peace of mind built in.

  • Comfort – Rest assured that with regular maintenance, you keep ahead of potentially wet, cold and uncomfortable problems.
  • Savings – Unchecked, a small problem can turn into a very costly repair. Caught early, you’ll save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Peace of Mind – Rest assured your roof is keeping your building’s occupants safe and significantly reducing the likelihood of a catastrophic repair that can cost money or cease operation in the building until it is fixed.

Flat roofs require more maintenance than sloped roofs simply because of their inherent flatness. They collect water and debris more easily than sloped roofs and it’s more likely you will miss common issues because you cannot see them walking up to the building. Whether you are scared of heights or just don’t have the time to regularly inspect and maintain your flat roof, FS Roof Systems has maintenance plans and technicians to do the work for you consistently.

Here’s what the FS Advantage looks like for you:

  • Spring and Fall inspection and routine maintenance
  • Priority service for roof emergency calls
  • Disposal of accumulated debris
  • Sealing and top-off of all pitch plans
  • Caulking and sealing repair as needed
  • Small leak repairs included
  • Priority scheduling for larger repairs or replacements, when necessary
  • Up to 2% discount on replacement costs (up to $1,000 discounted)
  • Inspection report following each visit
  • Snake drains as required, and provide an inspection report with detailed before and after photos

A small investment in huge savings!

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