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Myths about Flat Roofs

There’s a lot of misinformation surrounding flat roofs that can lead you to be wary of getting one. Fortunately, most of these myths are just that: myths. Unfortunately, this means that we find ourselves having to debunk these myths for clients. We’re always happy discussing these misconceptions with customers – if you have more questions, feel free to give us a call.

Myth #1: Flat roofs leak more (than pitched)

It’s true that flat roofs can leak, but they don’t necessarily leak more than any other type of roof – if it was properly installed and maintained. Proper maintenance and regular inspections can not only prevent leaks but extend the life of your roof.

Myth #2: Flat roofs are expensive

Actually, flat roofs require fewer materials to build and are simpler in design. The cost of materials may seem higher upfront but both flat and pitched roofs vary enough that you need to compare specific makes and materials of the roofs. Sometimes flat roofs are more expensive, but also they can be less costly than pitched.

Myth #3: Flat roofs can’t be insulated

Most flat roofs can be insulated or designed to be more energy efficient depending on the type and structure of the building. Want to know if your building can have an insulated flat roof? Give us a call!

Myth #4: Flat roofs are flat

Some flat roofs are indeed flat while some actually have a slope. In either event, we can make sure your roof will be designed to properly drain water and help preserve the life of the roof.

Myth #5: Flat roofs can’t support heavy snowfall

Sure they can. In fact, local building codes require builders to design the building to withstand all major weather effects including snowfall.

It seems as though many roofing contractors are debunking the same flat roof myths. But this proves that these are in fact, myths. If you want to learn more about flat roofs or understand if this is the right roof for you, contact us!