Flat Roof Inspections

The start of any FS Roof Systems project is a thorough inspection of your current roofing situation. Learn what an inspection involves and what common things our inspectors look for.

It’s very difficult for even a skilled contractor to inspect if they are not familiar with flat roof systems. This is because flat roof issues that will cause you migraines down the road are hard to spot. In fact, sometimes it’s impossible to see them with the naked eye. Professional roof inspectors can extend the life of your flat roof years in just one inspection by providing you with tips and maintenance solutions.

Reasons for getting your flat roof inspected:

  • If you haven’t gone up to the roof of your building lately, chances are you won’t like what you find. Apart from dirt and debris you will likely see pooled water, cracks and blistering. All of these are signs that you need to get your roof inspected and possibly repaired before your flat roof needs total replacement.
  • It’s recommended you get your roof professionally inspected twice a year to see if it needs maintenance: once after the leaves have fallen, and again after the snow has melted. Both these weather systems create optimal conditions for common flat roof issues to arise.

There are two parts to flat roof inspection: indoor and outdoor. The outdoor part of the roof inspection will include looking for cracks, blistering, pooling water, broken sales and edges, drips in the roof when walked on, shrinkage and splits. Your inspector will pay particularly close attention to chimneys, vents and other things the project from the roof, as these are common trouble areas. A full roof inspection will also include paying attention to the drainage system and making sure it is clear and working. They will also closely inspect the cap sheet and flashing aka the metal edges running along the corner of the roof.

The indoor part of the inspection looks for leaking, evidence of water damage, dips or abnormalities in the ceiling. The inspector may also take a look into the ceiling if possible: don’t be alarmed, they know what they are doing and won’t damage anything in the process.

Any work done by our flat roof technicians is done as discretely as possible to ensure your day isn’t interrupted.

Remember, if you see something that looks bad it probably is. Call us before it gets worse!

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