TufDek Residential Decking

Turn your flat roof into a fully functioning deck!

TufDek Residential Decking by FS Roof Systems

Tufdek is an extremely durable waterproof decking vinyl. How is decking vinyl relevant in my flat roof construction?

Glad you asked. On commercial, institutional, industrial and on some residential roofs there is a roof access door. Where there’s a door, there’s access to this valuable space. Why not turn it into a rooftop patio?. If you own a commercial or residential building having a rooftop patio or space gives your employees or tenants somewhere they can go to relax, socialize or watch the sunset. It increases the living space and overall value of your property.

At FS Roof Systems we offer comprehensive roofing solutions so you don’t have to deal with multiple contractors to get the roof you want: Patios included. We use Tufdek for these projects.

FS Roof Systems is a certified Tufdek installer and distributor.

About Tufdek

Waterproof vinyl made by Tufdek was developed in response to an industry trend in products to be either a waterproof or a vinyl decking product, not both. With Tufdek, you get the benefits of both.

Tufdek comes in a roll and is applied to specially formulated adhesives so although installation is fast and painless we recommend letting us do it.

You wont have to worry about any maintenance above and beyond your regular flat roof maintenance as it does not need re-coating or special care after installation.

Tufdek comes in many different styles from marble finishes to industrial aggregate or even wood replicas.

Our warranties for Tufdek products vary but Tufdek waterproof decking has a life expectancy of 20 years, so you will be sure to get your money back in usage.

Testing and Certifications

  • Tufdek is backed and tested by several external testing agencies. All Tufdek products comply with the:
  • International Code Council (ICC, AC39 and AC75, Non Classified Roofing Systems)
  • Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB 37.54-95, PVC Roofing and waterproof membrane)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM D4434-09, Standards for PVC roof membranes)

Additionally, Tufdek is tested by:

  • Trinity/ERD. A premier roofing and waterproof testing consultancy in North America.
  • Intertek, the largest independent testing, inspection and certification agency in the world.
  • ICC-ES, a technical testing, evaluation and code compliance centre.
  • CCMC, the Canadian Construction Materials Centre, which offers evaluation services.
  • NFSI High-Traction. National Floor Safety Institute, which tests non-slip and fall preventative flooring.
  • Atlas Weather Testing Solutions. Tests for life expectancy of products.
  • QAI, which tests the electrical safety of products.

Learn more about Tufdek including project examples by visiting their website.

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