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Six Signs You Need a New Flat Roof

Sometimes it’s obvious; you have more leaks than you can count or there’s just a big gaping hole. If you’ve ruled out the possibility of repairing your flat roof you’re going to have to replace it with a new flat roof. Other times it’s just too subtle, well, not subtle but it happens over such a long drawn out period of time that it’s possible you just haven’t noticed it. Here are some signs to look for.


  • While this is not the ‘be all-end all’ it is an important factor when evaluating your flat roof. Many types of flat roofs can last 30+ years with proper care but without it will last a lot less. The chances you need to have your roof replaced due to any of the following problems, unfortunately, increases as its age does.


  • You might see the membrane curling back on themselves, but you might be able to see the seams on flat roofs cracking and curling as well. In either case, if you leave cracks and broken seams on your flat roof you are just asking for leaks which is not a problem you want surely.

Trampoline Roof

  • By trampoline roof we mean a spongy roof and by spongy roof we mean that when you walk on it there is give. It sinks in and this is not good. This can be caused from plain old deterioration or from unseen water damage, but whatever the case you should get it looked at.


  • You will be able to see sags in flat roofs quite clearly, especially after a rainfall because that is where water has pooled. Again, in this instance the problem could be from deterioration and you have to get it looked at.

Signs of Water Damage

  • This can come in a number of forms. Maybe you notice some odd splotches on the ceiling in one room, maybe you have a leak or maybe you see mold (ew). In any of these cases there is something wrong with your flat roof that you need to get checked out. The longer this problem has been going on for the more likely it is that you will have to fully replace your roof.


  • Maintenance, or lack thereof, is a good way to determine where your flat roof stands. You can’t just look up the type of roof system you have, see that it’s supposed to last for 30 years and call it a day. You have to think, or find out, how much care has been put into maintaining your flat roof. If it has been properly maintained since it was first installed then yes, chances are you still have a good number of years left. If not, chances are you will not be able to keep it for the remainder of the 30 years. The more care you put into maintaining your flat roof the longer it will last because flat roof maintenance plans are designed to deal with blisters, potential leaks and water pooling before they become a major problem.